Testimony-Pastor Tim Pickard

Side Job Takes Care of Monthly Commitment

One brother made a commitment and said I don’t have it and a man called him to do a side job that will take care of his monthly commitment, he also said I filed my income tax and we normally never get anything back, the accountant said look at this.   You will get back more this year than you ever have before. He said I am going to pay my tithe and my yearly faith promise right away.

Four Hours of Overtime

Festus, MO One man made his commitment and two days later he got four hours overtime to cover his commitment.

Double Salary Job

Albion, A man with a mediocre job made his Faith Promise commitment and within the month got a new job that doubled his salary.

Mortgage Reduced

Flint, MI  A lady made her first Faith Promise commitment of $15.00 and the same week received a notice from the bank that her mortgage was being reduced $33.00 a month.  She also received an unexpected check for $400.00

Restaurant Turns Tide

Oscoda, MI  A family that owned a restaurant said that business was slow.  They told the Lord they would start giving to missions all the tips from the Friday and Saturday business.  The business picked up the very first month and has continued to do very good.

Insurance Claim Surprise

Another couple in their 60’s got an amazing blessing about two weeks after raising their Faith Promise to $100.00 per month. For years they have been giving but they could only afford $45.00 per month. They had always been tight on funds and had to care for an adopted invalid son who is in a wheelchair. Five years ago, they had an insurance claim on an accident where the Sister was injured. It was so long ago, they weren’t even thinking about it anymore! So after the Faith Promise service, their lawyer called “out of the blue” and stated that they have been given a settlement of $125,000.00. After attorney’s fee they will still have enough money to pay off ALL their bills and both of them can retire right away, much earlier than they thought. I believe her husband will turn 70 this year!)